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Temperature & Humidity

The Temperature & Humidity modules were designed for outstanding accuracy and meet or exceed current industry standards.  The modules can be attached to ducts, coils or grilles and send wireless readings back to the Wrist Reporter.  The user can connect as many as ten modules to the Wrist Reporter and view readings in real time as adjustments are made.  We offer two types of modules for reading temperature and humidity: the Meter-Sensor T&H and traditional modules.  

Meter-Sensor Temperature & Humidity

Traditional Temperature & Humidity

Both of the traditional temperature and humidity modules must be connected to a Wrist Reporter to view readings.  

Temperature Module

HUmidity Module


Temp Accuracy

+/- 1.0 over 32 to 125°F +/- 3.0 over 125 to 158°F

Humidity Accuracy

+/- 3.0% over 10 to 90%

Download User's Guide

The user’s guide includes instructions on how to link the modules and general operating procedures.  

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