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Residential Kits

Residential Tools For enhanced productivity

The residential kit is a set of tools for quick troubleshooting and diagnosing.  With our patented technology, these are specific tools for specific applications.

Supports readings over a range of 30-3000 CFM. Includes probes for velocity and static pressure. 

The PVF Reporter is designed for single point measurements of pressure, velocity and flow.  

A 16″ x 16″ skirt included for supply air diffusers and a 24″ x 36″ skirt for supply air diffusers. 

A sidewall adapter is included for measuring typical supply air diffusers and a convent carrying case for the entire kit. 

Residential Kit Options

We offer three different residential kit options depending on your needs.  

Residential Kit #1


Residential Kit #2


Residentail Kit #3