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Residential Kit #2


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The residential kit #2 is designed specifically for residential grilles.  The tools can be used to diagnose or troubleshoot.


Three Pounder Lightweight Capture Hood
16 x 16 x 24″ Skirt, Frame
Sidewall Angle Adapter *Ideal for Sidewall Grilles
24x36x24″ Skirt & Frame
18″ Straight Pitot Velocity Probe
(2) Static Tips and (3) 6’ Hoses
Extension Pole, Bellmouth Belt *Maximizes RA Accuracy
Carrying Case

Instrument for Single-Point Readings
PVF Reporter
NIST-Traceable calibration certificates

Specifications meet California H.E.R.S. Requirements

Pressure and Airflow Accuracy
Duct Pressure Measurements RA3.3.1.1
+/- 1% of Pressure Reading or +/- .0008 in. wc., whichever is greater.
Airflow Rate Measurements RA3.3.1.2
+/- 7% of Reading or +/- 5 CFM, whichever is greater.