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Door Pressure TAB Kit




The Door Pressure TAB Kit is an accessory bundle for use with the Wrist Reporter and Pressure/Velocity/Flow module. It is designed specifically for room-to-room pressure surveying, setting, and adjusting. The Door Pressure TAB kit comes with an over the door probe (hanger), an under-door probe, and around-the-door probe, PVF module block, telescoping handle, and carrying case. Connect as many as eight PVF modules to the Wrist Reporter to view pressure hierarchy, adjust room to room pressures wirelessly and in real time.

Door Pressure TAB Kit Includes: 

  • Under-door probe is made of durable steel for easily sliding under closed doors.
  • Around-door probe is made of durable, pliable steel
    that can be bent around sliding glass doors or any place a tight seal is required.
  • Over-door Probe (Hanger) is made of lightweight 3D printed materials. Only 3/32″ thick, this probe can fit over most doors and can be left for long periods of time.
  • The PVF module block is designed for both the thick and thin probes and can be used stationary in front of a door or used with the telescoping handle to get a room pressure reading without bending down.

Note: This listing is for the entire Door Pressure TAB Kit bundle.  Please see the accessories to purchase these items individually.


Additional information

Weight 5.4 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 16 × 10 in