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PRessure, Velocity, Flow Module

The PVF module reads pressure, velocity and airflow.  Every pressure module is calibrated against NIST standards and comes with a certificate of calibration.  By using a wrist reporter with the PVF module, a user can see real-time results wirelessly on the wrist.  

Room To Room Pressures :

For room-to-room pressure applications, a user can place up to 10 pressure modules and monitor all 10 concurrently while making adjustments. 

Velocity & Duct Readings :

The pressure module can also be used with a capture hood to measure velocity and flow applications.  This allows the user to monitor multiple diffuser air flow relationships.  

Features & Benefits :


Air Flow:

± 3% of reading ± 7 cfm from 100 to 2500 cfm

Air Velocity

± 3% of reading ± 7 fpm from 50 to 8000 fpm Pitot tube; 50 to 5000 fpm foil-type probe

Differential Pressure

± 2% of reading ± 0.001 in wc from 0.01 to 10 in wc; ± 10 in wc FS; 100 in wc safe pressure

Download User's Guide

The user’s guide contains instructions on how to link the modules and general operating procedures.