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CO2 and Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality is more important than ever to the health, safety and well-being of building occupants.  The CO2 module and Personal Air Safety Reporter (PASR) were designed to monitor air quality through the CO2 measurements in rooms, meeting spaces and buildings.  When indoor air is fresh and safe to breathe, CO2 is low and sufficient; outside air is being delivered to wash way air that has been used and contaminated by particles, bacteria, and viruses.  

CO2 Module :

The CO2 module is designed for TAB and Cx professionals for a quick check of ventilation effectiveness. 

Personal Air Safety Reporter :

The Personal Air Safety Reporter (PASR) is designed to be left in a room or meeting space so the occupants can visually see how healthy  the air quality is around them.  



400 - 5000 ppm


5% + 50ppm

Temp Range

Temperature Range: 40F to 120F Humidity Range: 10-90%

Download User's Guide

The user’s guide contains instructions on how to link the modules and general operating procedures.