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Calibration & Repair Services

Our calibration services include NIST-traceable certificates on all of our measurement modules.  

The Wrist Reporter only displays and stores readings, so it doesn’t require calibration, but you can inlude it in a calibration order if you’d like us to ensure it’s working properly.  Also, our capture hoods to not require calibration, unless otherwise specified by a job you’re working on.  


We understand the importance of quick turnaround times when it comes to service.  

The turnaround for calibration orders is two business days in-house or the service is free.  For example, if your equipment arrives on Monday it will ship back out on Wednesday.  We will ship the modules based on your urgency (ground vs overnight).  

Note: Repairs are typically completed in 3-5 days

NIST-Traceable calibration has an accuracy of +/- 0.0002 in wc for its lowest range.  Velocity & flow tests are done using a VFD-controlled fan and three test stations through 60 feet of duct with flow straighteners.  

  • Barometric Pressure (in Hg):  14, 29, 32.
  • Differential Pressure (in wc):  10, 2, .5, .05, -10, -.05.
  • Temperature (°F):  33, 75, 140.
  • Velocity (FPM):  100, 500.
  • Airflow (CFM):  100, 500.  (Only performed if capture hood is provided)

All products are covered by a three-year warranty. This includes problems with batteries, on/off switches, USB charging ports, display backlights, etc.

We do not cover damage from drops, water damage, or damage caused by the tires of Ford F350’s.  

Loaners are available for use during any repair or calibration service for a small fee.  

Note: If the repair is covered under warranty, there is no charge for the loaner.  

Shortridge Instruments, ADM’s  and HDM’s, are calibrated for pressure, temperature, velocity, and airflow. Readings at setpoints are compared to NIST-traceable standards.  

We will not repair or adjust any Shortridge units.  .  

Calibration Pricing

  • Pressure Module (S-PVF-1) $499
  • Water Module (S-DP-250) $499
  • Temperature Module, with Probe (S-T-X) $199
  • Temperature Module only (RM-T-1) $99
  • Temperature Probe Only (PR-T-X) $99
  • Humidity Module (S-H-3-5) $269

Refurbish Pricing

  • Wrist Reporter - Keypad & Lid Only $149
  • Wrist Reporter - Display Only $99
  • Wrist Reporter - Enclosure Bottom Only $299
  • Wrist Reporter - Complete Refurbish $399
  • Pressure Module - Enclosure & Battery $249
  • Capture Hood - Replace Hardware, 2'x2' Skirt & Frame $599