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Evergreen Telemetry

Evergreen Telemetry’s innovative instrument architecture delivers unprecedented convenience and speed for technicians in the field.  All in one meter for balancing, commissioning, and troubleshooting.  


TAB Toolkits geared toward the commercial markets, such as hospitals, offices, restaurants, etc. 


Troubleshooting and diagnostic kits used in the residential markets. 


Air test tools and kits to determine what adjustments need to be made or filters replaced. 

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Features & Benefits

Advanced Technology For Increased Productivity.  

No Wasted Time

Wireless data eliminates the time wasted practices walking back and forth for adjustments.

Hands Free

A new type of portable instrument that leaves a busy field technician’s hands free to grasp tools


All of our sensors are calibrated to NIST standards to ensure accuracy.

Room To Room

Monitor up to 10 locations simultaneously and view up to 8 wirelessly. Eliminates the back and forth.

Airflow Measurements

New readings every one, two, or four seconds. Damper adjust in real time with feedback to the wrist.


Made in the USA, with high tech materials our hoods are easy to maneuver. 


With innovation as one of our top values, we strive to create tools that will increase productivity and efficiency.  

Accuracy 99%
Work Efficiency 95%
Time Management 97%


years of experience

Free Field Trials Available

Customers can try any of our products for two weeks with zero obligation.  Get a set of tools to try on an upcoming project and you see the benefits for yourself. 


Known in the industry for our outstanding customer service, hear what our customers have to say….

We use the Wrist Reporter. The Wrist Reporter makes it faster, easier, and safer to perform TAB measurements such as duct velocity traverses and volume damper adjustments.
Byron Seed, TBE, Vice President
Arizona Air Balance
You and your team have got to be the best I have dealt with in all my years that I have been with Research Air Flo and that’s a lot. Pete should know that the customer service that you all provide is exceptional!
Rob Hansen
Research Air Flo
Using the Wrist Reporter definitely saves me time and energy. I balance alone using height-adjustable, rolling flow-hood stands. I used to have to walk back to view the reading, then walk to the damper to adjust it , then walk back etc. With the wrist reporter, I can see what the meter is reading as I make adjustments without all the walking.
Gerald Ward
Evergreen has served us very well, and the customer service is even better! In my opinion, you have no competition!
Jeffrey Lovvorn
Quality TAB Services